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Flood Buzz

Flood Buzz® Pro: Multi-Purpose Water Leak Alarm

Flood Buzz® Pro: Multi-Purpose Water Leak Alarm

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The Flood Buzz® Pro is an all-purpose water leak alarm unit designed for any leaky spot in the home.

Flood Buzz Pro Specs
Size: Height 2-3/4'', Depth 1-7/8"
dB level: up to 110
Prongs: to ground
Battery: included and pre-installed

- Flood Buzz Water Leak Alarms are the smart, low-cost way to avoid expensive water damage.
- Every Flood Buzz product works in the same basic way. When water from a leak touches the two metal prongs on the bottom of a Flood Buzz water leak alarm, the water closes the circuit and the Flood Buzz emits a loud piercing screech.
- There are no moving parts, no extra components to break, nothing unnecessary. Just a lean, mean, water leak-detecting machine that will save you from the damaging and expensive consequences of undetected water leaks.
- All Flood Buzz products come with an internal non-serviceable battery already installed. The Flood Buzz is reusable. You can test the unit by touching the two metal prongs on the bottom of the unit with a damp cloth.
- For best protection, replace your Flood Buzz by the “Replace by” date.


Full Case includes 48 Units of Flood Buzz Pro
Half Case includes 24 Units of Flood Buzz Pro

How to Use

1. Remove the Flood Buzz from its wrapper.
2. Place the Flood Buzz in any potential water leak spot within your home.
3. When the Flood Buzz comes in contact with water, it sounds a 110 decibels alarm and lets you know that you have a leak - before it turns into a flood.

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