About Flood Buzz

Every Flood Buzz® product works in the same basic way. When water from a leak touches the two metal prongs on the bottom of a Flood Buzz water leak alarm, the water closes the circuit and the Flood Buzz emits a loud piercing screech. There are no moving parts, no extra components to break, nothing unnecessary. Just a lean, mean, water leak-detecting machine that will save you from the damaging and expensive consequences of undetected water leaks.

All Flood Buzz products come with an internal non-serviceable battery already installed. All you have to do is take the Flood Buzz out of its wrapper and place it near or next to all potential leak locations such as under sinks, next to appliances, in air-conditioner condensate pans, near sump pumps, in effect, everywhere there’s water within the home.

Flood Buzz® products are patent-protected and proprietary to us.

Different Styles for Different Needs

Flood Buzz® Water Leak Alarms include four styles of proprietary and patented Flood Buzz alarms targeted to protect different areas within a home – the Small for bathrooms, kitchens and under appliances; the Pro-01 for laundry rooms, basements and garages; the Pro-02 for HVAC condensate pans; and the Blue fit right into water heater drip pans.

But not only are the Flood Buzz alarms effective water leak alarms, they are also a great way for brands and contractors to promote their business and get those service calls from their customers. When a Flood Buzz sounds its alert, customers will call whoevers name is on the Flood Buzz.

These four styles seamlessly deliver a whole house system that is simple and effective in detecting potentially hazardous water leaks. There is virtually no installation time, with no buttons to push, no programming to set up, and no batteries to buy because Flood Buzz alarms contain internal three-year batteries. Just place them and forget them. The Flood Buzz alarm will sound from 90-110 dB only when water touches the two prongs at the base of the product.

All Flood Buzz alarms are good for three years. They are reusable and simple to test by dipping the two bottom prongs in a bit of water or placing a damp cloth to the prongs. Dry the prongs off and your Flood buzz alarm is ready to be used again.

About Us

Flood Buzz Water Leak Alarms are manufactured by Archetype Ltd., a New Jersey-based, family-owned small business. Archetype Ltd. is a product development and manufacturing group at the forefront of providing easily adaptable and affordable products.